Thursday, April 23, 2009


Swan ,
originally uploaded by GlitzInk.
page of the lovely swans. They move around a lot, so it was bit tricky to catch this one, but i do like the looseness of the sketch! For a 1st timer to sketching "live" i learned a lot, and I am completely hooked. I will still take my photographs to use for reference for some other artwork, but I will definitely be a sketcher outdoors from now on! I probably would have sketched over by this lake a little longer, but this really hateful little goose kept running and snapping at everyone out there. He did that last time, too. He's like a crotchety hateful old man...stupid goose! I have photos of him...he will get a full spread at some point, but maybe not from life....i don't want that mean thing to bite me. LOL!

City Park, NOLA

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