Monday, April 13, 2009

Pin-Up Study #14-Peter Driben

Pin-Up Study #14-Peter Driben
Pin-Up Study #14-Peter Driben,
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i went back to pencil for this one...wasn't quite sure if i could pull off that cute little wink in straight pen-not yet anyway! ; )

I love these Moleskines, however, the watercolor does bleed through, which it does not do in my hand*book journals, so that'll be a thought for my next one. I haven't tried out the watercolor Moleskines with any regularity yet, so that may be an option over the sketchbook. The pantyhose looked like a much warmer toned black in the book, so i'm thinking i should have mixed some umber watercolor in with the black? hmmm... haven't quite grasped the warms and cools of watercolors yet, or how much lighter they dry...but i am learning, so it's all a matter of time.

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