Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Coffee Bar...

Coffee Bar...
Coffee Bar...,
originally uploaded by GlitzInk.
a sketch in my art journal...having lots of fun with my watercolors. the DS Kyanite that i used in parts of the coffee pot are VERY sparkly...awesome!

in a side note...i had used all the memory on my computer(it's super old) and so, being the rocket scientist i am, decided to clear me up some space by deleting programs i never use....apparently somehow how i deleted the crappy but workable editing program for my pictures. awesome. now i can't crop or chage the file size...nothing. yayyyyy me! LOL anywho, so for now it all will be posted from flicker, so that at least the picture will fit on the screen.

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Chris Hack said...

thank you for adding me. still getting the hang of blogger. added a link to your blogs on mine. will have to check out blogrole. love your work. really beautiful.