Friday, April 03, 2009

Sculptures in NOMA, City Park

Sculptures in NOMA, City Park
Sculptures in NOMA, City Park,
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The 3rd floor of NOMA is the Asian, Oceanic, African, and Native American might be my favorite part of the museum. Some of the walls are painted the most gorgeous shade of aqua blue, so it's very peaceful up there. SOOOOOO much cool stuff to look at!

This is done with my cool NEXUS pens. I've had them for a bit, but never really put them to use, so I thought i'd give them a, i found an aqua one at Dixie the other day, and had to have it. It may be my new favorite pen! AND they don't bleed when you put a watercolor wash over them...good stuff! I really enjoyed sketching in just ink without doing a pencil sketch 1st. It makes you draw a bit differently though....i'll definitely be doing more pen-only sketches! ; )

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