Friday, April 10, 2009

Pin-Up Studies 11 & 12

Pin-Up Studies 11 & 12
Pin-Up Studies 11 & 12,
originally uploaded by GlitzInk.
another sketch of Dita Von Teese and one from Playboy Blondes.

i am trying to sketch in pen rather than pencil. it's hard to break pencil-drawing habits! i know the correct proportions will come the more i draw, so i'm not worried so much about that. i like the looseness of the marks i make with the pen. this pin-up moley is all about playing and learning, so i do no expect "perfect" pages. i expect lerning and new ideas and fun. still trying to figure out the watercolor, but i am enjoying playing, good color combinations or no! ; )

i like the rapidograph a little more than i like the micron 005...i don't know why. they pretty much the same. i felt like the micron was a little more fragile though.(probably because i wore it out so quickly!)

even though it's messy, i like the addition of the lettering in this page, and i'll probably add more of that to future pages.


Anonymous said...

I find the micron is too delicate too. The tip gives too soon. I find it to be the best for drawing my small doll faces though...I haven't tried the radio-thing yet.

Anonymous said...

LOL... I meant rapid-thing! lol...