Thursday, April 09, 2009

Pin-Up Study #10

Pin-Up Study #10
Pin-Up Study #10,
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April's issue of Inked magazine had some great photos of Dita Von Teese in it that i couldn't resist trying to draw in pen. ahhhh, pen....with no eraser. It's quick and sorta messy, but i like the colors, and it has loads of possibilities for something a bit more refined later...

I got a new rapidograph pen today, and wanted to try that out. I used to draw with one years ago, but my barrel on it cracked, and for some reason i just never bothered to replace it. it sketches quite nicely in the moleskine drags a little on my other sketchbooks. Instead of gouache, I used watercolors on this one...a mix of my DS and my Holbeins. they bleed through the pages a little more than the gouache, but i think that's just me using too much water.

the left side of the spread started as an attempt to draw one of the other photographs, but it was super craptastic, so i did a little boo-boo fixer upper with some crazy flowers! i don't mind them so adds to the circusy bordello flair of the colors! ; )

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bubblemunch said...

This is great. THe flowers look like they're meant to be there - a bouquet for her. Great colours and style.
Takes over as my fave pin up!