Monday, December 01, 2008

Nurse Nancy(print, hand colored)

While I printed my edition of 6, I printed 3 extras to be artists proofs, to hand color. I don't really get all the technical details of artists proofs, and an edition, and what qualifies as either, but not the other, but i'm learning, an I think i have it right here. anywho, I don't know how much I love all the colors on this one, so i may rework some of them before i color the next proof. it may just be the paper it's printed on...great for prints, but maybe not so great for acylic and watercolor?

Nurse Nancy(print)

Nurse Nancy(print)
Nurse Nancy(print),
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Oh, I'm super happy with how my prints turned out! For a 1st attempt at lino cuts, I am pleased with the results. (and carving is very relaxing...who knew?!) This is a print edition of 6, on 10"x12 1/2" Stonehenge paper...the design is 8" x 10" . I'm already working up a sketch for the next one!