Friday, April 10, 2009

Pin-Up Study 13(a & b)

Pin-Up Study 13(a & b)
Pin-Up Study 13(a & b),
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The Smith's sang a song called "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" ...well, some pages are better than others. but you have to make a lot of junk to learn how to make something good, so i don't mind my junk pages. (too much)

this is 2 attempts at drawing the same picture in pen...realllyyy missing my pencil and ERASER! ; ) but , indeed there are bits on each that i like, and i see where the big mistakes are, so i learned, and that's what counts.

the good thing about messing up is that you can just let go completely and try things you wouldn't normally, since "it's already messed up anywho", and then sometimes your boo-boo, no matter how badly misproportioned, still makes you say "cool!" ; )

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bubblemunch said...

Love the freedom you're developing.I keep trying to liberate myself in my art but struggle!

The muted watercolours really add to this.