Monday, January 19, 2009

You Set My Soul Alive

I am getting a very late start to my New Year's resolution to draw every single day, but better late than never, right? This little hand*book square journal is proving to be a good choice. Another pink, red, and gold gouache spread using those Derwent watersoluble pencils.... the angel is a little rough, simply because i didn't try to sharpen the pencils to a finer point, and because I drew her super fast. i don't mind the imperfections...this was more about me relaxing, letting go, and just getting something on the page. once i get that habit down, i'll work on more detail in the drawings. I can't seem to break away from this color palette must have something to do with my new attempt to explore my emotions and such...all pink and lovey-dovey! that and just love these colors anyway. i like this style, but i also like the more graphic drawings, too( like my skulls and the ribcage/heart spread) hmmmm... it's weird. i still don't feel like i have developed my OWN style. i guess if i draw everyday, it will just develop on it's own.

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