Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Three Graces, Botticelli study-WIP

I started this study a long while ago, but had to put it away for awhile. Finally, i'm coming back to it. Even though it's exceptionally tedious, and I have all the detail in the drapes of the gowns still to capture, it's worth it so far. I love this piece. All of the very dark black is this awesome pencil...the side reads "General Pencil Co. Kimberly 9XXB", so it's darker than an 8B graphite, and it is the most awesome velvety black with NO SHINE! Everythime i go to the art supply store that carries them, I buy one or 2, just in case they ever quit making them. I would be devastated! I don't know how long it will take me to finish this one, but I'm not rushing it....too many lovely little details to capture, and as this is one of my very favorite master works, I have to do it justice. ; )
18"x24" graphite on paper

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bubblemunch said...

I wasn't going to leave a comment for this work ... only because I don't know what to say (in a very good way!) The drawing, tone and shading is quite incredible. It must have taken ages to get to this point.
Really looking forward to the finished piece.