Monday, January 19, 2009

quick sketches for my commissioned pieces

just some rough sketches for 2 different commissions i'm working on, but i like how they came out, so i thought i'd post them. the 1st one will end up being 2 panels, with lots of gold, and using the cemetery imagery. it's based on one of my previous cemetery paintings where i painted on the coffee filter. the 2nd one is going to be massive... a large painting to basically serve as a headboard of sorts, and she gave me free reign to whatever...her only request: japanese tattoo! SWEET! i do have to laugh, because i did all my doodles in pink, and she is most certainly not a pink-y kind of gal. she loves red, the darker the better, so i'll have way more doodles to go with this one, just to get to the red vibe!

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bubblemunch said...

Really pleased to look at your blog. Your work is beautiful. Particularly taken with "What if...".

The layout of this journal page is very pretty - loving the flowers.