Saturday, January 17, 2009

What If....

What If....
What If....,
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I have a few "I wonder what happened to him"s, and more than my share of "what the hell was i thinking when I went out with him"s, but I think i only have one true "what if..."

i love Sabrina Ward Harrison's journals, and this spread makes me think of her stuff. I love the colors and i really like the water soluble Derwent pencil....that thing is quickly climbing the list of favorite art supplies. I also like the challenge of the square hand*book journal. It's going to make for some very interesting compositions. NOTE TO SELF: if you use too much water wih your paint it will indeed seep through in the crease!

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Gina said...

Sabrina Ward Harrison- That was exactly what I thought when I saw this. It's awesome!!! And I learned that little seepage problem the hard way too! I have GOT to try gouache. You inspire me :)