Sunday, March 29, 2009


TA-DA!!!!! Here she is, all finished! I think i really like how she turned out. and getting there, while scary, was also fun! and i used supplies i totally didn't plan on, so the end result was a very unexpected surprise. I still have a few angles on the face i'd like to perfect for the next painting, but it'll get there, and today was definitley another hard lesson in patience....and in letting go. all in all i really enjoyed the process, and would like to do a few more pieces this way, but with maybe a little less charcoal muck....perhaps i'll perfect the drawing on paper and then transfer it to canvas. but maybe not...that oil pastel is brilliant against charcoal mucky-muck.... ; )


bubblemunch said...

She's beautiful.
Love the background - so strong and rich against all of the light blues and pastel work.

Anonymous said...

She came out wonderful! It's always an exciting/frustrating experience to try something new, yeah? I love that you're showing the progress of your work. Great job!