Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Hot! Hot! Hot!,
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I haven't done any still lifes in a while, and I am really teaching myself watercolor, so this was an interesting page to work on. I am so impatient...i really need to wait until some layers dry before i add other washes of color....but i'm learning! ; ) Glass is a hard thing to many reflections and shadows...

These are 2 of my favorite hot sauces(i have several)...the Cholula is great on eggs, and the Louisiana Hot Sauce is good on everything, especially red beans and rice!

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bubblemunch said...

Gosh - imagine how good you'll be after practice!!
The hot sauce bottle is brill.
You're making me want to practice more - I'm awful at still life.