Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pin-Up Study #9

Another study from Taschen's 1000 Pin-Up Girls...proving to be worth every cent I spent on it! ; ) So her head is too big...that, or her shoulders are too small, but I kind of don't care, because her face came out so well on this one...and her hair. I am particularly loving this hair. This one was really fun to do.... I think I need to try drawing the outline with either brown charcoal pencil(although i don't know if I'll get the point sharp enough) or a brown colored pencil....maybe that will help the outline blend a little better...but either way, i don't mind the pencil lines showing through either...i have got to be more patient, though and wait for things to dry before going back into it....ugh! i almost royally messed her up!!! ; )


bubblemunch said...

Gorgeous, pretty, lovely!!!
Very Judy Garland-esque.
I love the daisies (but then I would!!)
The skin tones are great. So jealous of your figure drawing capabilities!

Gina said...

These pinups are fabulous!! Love them all!