Sunday, August 17, 2008

EDM CHALLENGE #1- Draw a shoe

my new pink galoshes.... i've decided to start doing some edm challenges, and perfectly enough, the first one is to draw a shoe!
every girl should have some barbie pink galoshes in her life... these should brighten even the darkest rainy day! : )
some of my shading is too dark, the pink is not quite right, and that cheapie green is super craptastic, but i still sort of like this page. (mostly i'm just proud i did it! LOL)
hand*book journal 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"


Christie said...

Fun shoes, great page (despite the quality of your gouache) and I know exactly what you mean about UniBalls -- I have more professional pens, but the Uni's are often what I reach for.

Rock Kyndl said...

These journal pages are excellent. I could swear that when this blog first presented itself on my screen...some confetti flew up.
Nice work.

lyn said...

Lovely post! Green is my favorite color, I'd like the boots in green, wish I could complain about rain! Southern Calif. has had too many years of little rainfall! Thanks for the comment on a hundred horses. Side light your subject when you work on black to better see the "light" I took a class where the class room was so dark you could barely see your paper one side of the model was bright the other blended into the darkness. Cool way to work!

kazumiwannabe said...

Your journal pages are awesome, even with the special green : )! Your drawing is great - fun boots!